Welcome to the 'Clubs' section which highlights some of the clubs and activities we have here at Sprowston Community High School. Please scroll through the slides and click on the club logo to find further information about what they have to offer.

Should you have any questions about this section or would like to set up your own club at our school, please contact us using the details provided. 

Whilst the school conducts its own safety checks on all clubs using our facilities, we strongly advise parents / careers and anyone looking to join a club to conduct their own safety checks. Please read the Liability Disclaimer below. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Liability Disclaimer

By advertising these clubs on our website we are simply providing the must current information we have on the clubs at the time of publication. Sprowston Community High School and Norfolk County Council shall not be liable for any injury or damage to, or loss of property, which shall or may occur to any individual joining a club following the information you have viewed on these pages. This excludes the exception of injury or damage as may occur by reason of the negligence of the County Council, its servants or agents acting within the scope of their authority. The individual joining a club is therefore recommended to check that the club meets your safety requirements, including checking that the club has adequate insurance to indemnify the negligent actions of the club / group, its servants, assistants and agents, resulting in a claim for injury and property damage to members of the group, the County Council or others entering the property.

Sprowston Community High School and Norfolk County Council assumes no responsibility for the content of any external sites that can be accessed from this website. The websites are independent and links to them are provided for your convenience only.

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