It has been a busy couple of weeks since we returned from half term.

In addition to ensuring that the Years 11 and 13 exams have run smoothly, there has been a real focus on achievement.  I hope you have received your child’s latest tracking report and have had a chance to reflect on what it shows.  Our departments, faculties and year groups have been busy looking at the information so that we can support and challenge the students who need it.  If you have any concerns about your child’s report or would like to talk to someone about it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Leadership Team have also spent 2 busy days going into lessons to sample the teaching and learning experience and look at student work.  We have been impressed by much of what we have seen.  There is an obvious link between high attitudes to learning, engagement, attendance in lessons and student progress.  It has been particularly nice to see the positive relationships that exist in our classrooms and the pride that students are showing in their work in many subjects.

This week will be celebrating our school production of The Addams Family.  If you have not yet bought a ticket - please do!  Anyone who has seen a school musical directed by the talented Ms Lawrence will know that it will be spectacular- West End Quality but with the feel good/pride factor of knowing the students involved.  

I am absolutely delighted to be taking on the role of Acting Head of School between now and Christmas. 

Sprowston Community Academy is a fantastic school in the heart of a vibrant community.  The Leadership Team and I will be working as hard as we can to make sure the school goes from strength to strength during this time period.

Our focus will be simple:

High Expectations for Learning

High Expectations for Behaviour

High expectations for kindness, respect and tolerance

This is a busy half term.  Our Year 11 and Year 13 students will be completing their exams before saying their goodbyes.  We wish them all lots of luck and happiness.  As these year groups leave, we prepare to welcome our new Year 7s and transition arrangements are well underway. 

The summer term offers an opportunity for reflection and celebration. As we write our development plans for next year, we will also be reviewing our policies and making sure we set the right context so that we are a high achieving school where students also feel happy, fulfilled, engaged and safe.

Please continue to communicate with us and share your ideas for school improvement.  We value the opinions of all of our stakeholders and feel that this is very much a team effort.


Liz Wood

Head of School

May I take this final opportunity to wish you every success in the future.  "Shine" and celebrate all your gifts and talents; achieve great academic success and support others less fortunate than ourselves, like today with fundraising and thinking of those who have suffered from strokes.


Be kind to yourself - be kind to others.


Very best wishes, and 'On the Ball City'!

A £1 donation will be made to help raise money for this excellent cause, show our support and share our best wishes for Mr Richard Boyce, Headteacher of Falcon Junior, who suffered a stroke last year.  So if you have something purple - wear it!

Family is a key part of Pep Guardiola's Manchester City approach to management.  "If a player or coach does not have the right support around them, he is not complete."

Why not seek good friendships and support from all your extended family members.


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