In order to maximise a student’s chances of success in the exams, revision has to take place in order to refresh and remind ourselves of the information and skills learned over the GCSE course for each subject.

It is proven that ‘distributed practice’: in other words chunking and spreading out revision: is the best approach. This leads to repetition which helps our memory and the recalling of information. As a school we recommend an approach of ‘a little revision, often’. This means that revision has to start early and be organised in order for student’s full potential to be met. This is often supported by a coherent revision timetable, where revision sessions, breaks and days off, last minute revision, along with the dates of the exams themselves are all clearly planned.

In this section you will find information and support materials for both students and parents that will support the revision and exam process.

revision guide

Sprowston Community Academy Revision Guide 2017/18

We have written a short guide on how to plan your own revision timetable.

How to Plan a Revision Timetable

On Thursday 22nd February the school held a Year 11 Revision Information evening specifically aimed at parents and how we can all support the students through the revision and exam process. Thanks to all those that attended and we hope that there was useful information and questions you may have had, were answered.

Please find the GCSE Revision Guide for Parents, that was shared on the evening, below.

Download this file (Revision Parents Guide.pdf)Revision Parents Guide.pdf

Attached to this article are 3 slideshows looking at mind-mapping, flash cards and mnemonics as techniques and some example topics for different subjects.

Speak to Mr Sayce or Mr Utting if you want any further advice or guidance.

Revision Timetable Easter 2018

revision timetable

Year 11 students  have been working exceptionally hard this term, preparing for their final exams and especially those with practical subjects and the recent work on controlled assessments and practical exams.

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Revision & Intervention Sessions


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