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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 15:35

Enterprise Extravaganza!

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On the 25th of November we held the Enterprise Extravaganza event, which we hope will begin to become an annual event due to the successes and achievements of all students involved. This event allows students to create their own business and run their own stalls for one day, with a chance to win awards from very well-known judges. This year we had the likes of our Head teacher Andrew John, Stephanie Nixon from KLM Engineering, Darren Vertigan our Parent Governor, Owen Morgan from The Space along with Kate Gaskin from Right Angle Events of whom had a very interesting prize for one team!

We had over 45 teams taking part in the Enterprise event and we even had one from another school, Sewell Park Academy along with Katie Birkett ex staff member raising money for Grassroots. Young Chamber were organising the whole event, along with running it on the day. We organised some younger pupils from surrounding Junior Schools to visit including Falcon and Sprowston Junior. Young Chamber even had their own stall to help promote who we were; this was run by Sophie and Kirsten, both very committed members.

Monday, 07 November 2016 22:11

Floating presentation!

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So today Liam and Kieran presented a short presentation to a group of about fifty year sevens and year eights. The presentation was to show the kids what a float was and how to use one effectivley. Afterwards the kids worked in their groups to figure out how much money they felt they would need in their floats. The time was also spent with the groups producing posters, plans and just working through their to do lists. It also offered a great chance for Me, Megan, Kieran and Liam to all catch up on what we all had done for Young Chamber. 


Thursday, 20 October 2016 20:26

B2B Exhibition

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Last Thursday the executive board of young chamber ventured to the B2B exhibition held at Carrow Road.

It was a great experience for all members as we engaged with various businessmen and business women by working on registration points, conducting surveys aimed towards visitors and offering general information and advice.

It was highly beneficial for all of our members of the executive board as it served as an opportunity to improve upon and gain news skills such as confidence and administration. The event also offered everyone an insight and some experience in how to run a business event. It was a great day and everyone involved had a fantastic time.

Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to come along and help.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 09:44

Careers Fair

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Today we helped to run the careers fair and Beacon East had invited lots of organisations to give us advice on different pathways.

On one of the stands was Dr Sean Thurston of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and as he used to be a student at Sprowston, Kirsten took the opportunity to interview him.

When did you leave Sprowston?

I left the 6th form in 2006, just as they were planning the WS block

What was your favourite subject?

Chemistry, of course!

Who was your favourite teacher? 

Jerry Oakley, the Head of Science then

Friday, 07 October 2016 12:02

Children's University

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On the 21st of September we held a Children's University event at Sprowston Community High School. There were many different clubs there such as; North Norfolk Junior Badminton Association, Dragon Korfball, The Garage, Open, Sprowston High Garden Club and many more. The event was held so that young people could see what clubs they could do and they got to have some tasters. It also helped people get involved with more activities outside of school and helped them interact with more people.

One of the tasters was badminton done by the North Norfolk Junior Badminton Association. You could have a go at playing badminton and it was fun, would keep people occupied and it is a good way to interact with people and to keep fit.

Wednesday, 05 October 2016 10:31

Year 6 Open Evening

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Our Open Evening event on 29th September for all Year 6's was such a success. The success came from so many student leaders, prefects and junior board members that arrived sharp wanting to show exactly what this school has to offer to all. We are beyond proud of all our junior board members that came and helped with small example stalls, running the refreshments and handing out leaflets to those interested. 

While teachers and volunteering students were in classrooms and showing our visitors around the complex we were sorting free refreshments and handing out flyers about our community events. We had plenty of helpers from Young Chamber throughout the event helping with drinks, flyers, and joining in on some activities we had dotted around such as drama, gardening club and table tennis. These activities were so successful.

Other activites we had included sample stalls to feature some stock from last years Enterprise Extravagnza to show off our talented enterprisers, the Enterprise team Accept It inviting younger students to discuss what enterprising is and how they can be included along with cake stalls generating money for our Year 13 Travel and Tourism Event Management class. The event as a whole was special because there was so many students from our school involved it showed how talented and committed they are to school life along with many extra curricular classes we hold. 

We couldn't be prouder of our students!

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