Sprowston Community High School

Young Chamber

Junior Board


Hello, my name is Charlotte and I started off as the Junior Board Executive Officer.  This meant that I helped manage the Junior Board and the younger students in it.  I am now the Business Apprentice and work within the Young Chamber twice a week. As this is my second year with working in Young Chamber I have discovered how the group really helps stimulate younger people.  I started the Junior Board off on my own and supported them in events where they have increased confidence and the ability to speak in front of an audience.  Many of the students involved did not have these kinds of skills when they signed up with us a year ago.  It is brilliant to see them grow in experience and knowledge. 

I believe that the most important employability skills are to be confident, friendly and to have the drive to progress.  This is one reason as to why we are supporting young students to thrive in this sector.  If employees are being looked after then they will help the business grow and develop to achieve it's true potential.  I joined Young Chamber to increase my confidence, which is an issue I have always had along with developing my communication skills whilst gaining some knowledge on general business factors.  

Our Junior Board are currently planning some big events to sink their teeth into, including: Enterprise Extravaganza, Careers Fair and supporting some of the main school events like Year 6 Open Evening.  We are always open to new members so if you are in Years 7-13 and would like to join and gain some of these skills then come and visit us in the Work, Learning and Life office. The Junior Board meets on a Wednesday lunch time in CM05, board members also participate in occasional trips and events outside of the school.