• Someone available to you in school to help you to make informed decisions about your next step after Year 11 and beyond.
  • We will never tell you what to do.  It is our role, in partnership with the school, to ensure you all have a clear understanding of the options available to you after Year 11.  (Time goes quickly!).
  • It is then up to you to make an informed decision about what you want to do next.
  • Not all of you will automatically receive a one to one Careers Guidance appointment.  However, if you think you need an appointment, you can ask for one.  There is other support in school…

What is an informed decision?

  • An informed decision can be said to have been made based upon a clear appreciation and understanding of the FACTS, IMPLICATIONS and   FUTURE CONSEQUENCES of an action.
  • A decision that is based on fact/knowledge of a subject or situation.
  • We appreciate in school that it is our responsibility to provide you with access to the right information so informed choices can be made, BUT you all have a responsibility too…

Realistic Aspirations….


Your Responsibilities

  • It could be that the ideal job role for you, is one you haven’t heard of yet
  • Check the level of qualifications needed for any career that you’re interested in.  The reality is that there are some careers out there that are out of reach for most of us academically.  However, this is not something to feel disheartened about….
  • Stay positive and have the confidence to be an individual

Support Available

  • We want you all to feel supported throughout your time at Sprowston High.  Remember your time in high school will go quickly.  In this time we want to help you to make the important decision about what will come next for you all, whether that will be Sixth Form, College or a work related option.
  • Take advantage of the Careers Adviser support available….
  • The Careers Room is in the Heads of Year office.  If you have any questions come to see us.  
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