Sprowston Community Academy

Fitness Suite
Hire in Norwich

Are you or a club looking to hire a fitness suite in Norwich. A fully functional fitness suite with rowing machine, cardio machine, free and cable weights.

5 Resistance Weight Machines

There are various fixed and free weights with options for chest press, shoulder press, leg press and lat pulldowns and many others.

2 Cardio Machines

Great for improving your cardiovascular fitness and building and maintaining stronger legs. Cross trainer and upright cycle.

Gym Balls

Gym balls are ideal for training, toning and strengthening your core muscles before advancing to using weights to train other areas of your body.

Free Weights

With free weight discs you can vary how much you want to lift helping you build optimum strength and body conditioning.

Terms & Conditions

No more than 4 working out at a time. To use the area hirers must have the following:

  • Gym qualification level 2
  • First aid
  • Public liability
  • Music licence (if using music)
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