• Outstanding Work in GCSE Geography

    Year 10 are making a great start to the GCSE Geography course.

    The quality of the work by some students is outstanding.

    geog1 1

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  • Year 8 Geography: Testing Hypotheses

    Year 8 geographers test hypotheses about the impact of buildings on climate.

    Here they are investigating wind speeds.

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  • GCSE Geography Students Study Coastal Deposition

    To support their understanding of how coastal land-forms are created, some of our Year 10 students have have been competing to build their own giant models of a Spit. 

    With a focus on the coastal process that lead to the creations of these land-forms and the keywords that are used to describe them, it was great to see the students working as a team and getting stuck into their work.

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  • 'Stack' loads of fun for Year 7 Geography students...

    DSCF0421 350

    Some of our Year 7 students had the chance this week to venture out on to the school field as part of their Geography lesson. Linked to the topic the Coasts, the students were tasked with the creation of a sand model that accurately illustrates how coastal process around the UK can lead to the creation of Caves, Arches, Stacks, Stumps. A great way to get a challenging concept across.

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  • Year 9 Geography Students Show Their Creative Flair

    DSCF0680 350

    In preparation for their forthcoming GCSE studies, the Year 9 students have started working on the topics of tropical Rainforests and Cold Environments.

    As two of the topics included in the new GCSE Syllabus, this will give them a great head start for next year. These models-created by the students and based on self selected success criteria-have helped to develop their understanding of the role of tropical Rain Forests and to learn about the different layers found within them.

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