I am delighted that this year we are bringing back Activities Days.  It is important to us that students get a wealth of experiences at school including a chance to take part in different activities with their peer group that they might not otherwise experience.  I would like to thank Miss Kersey who has been instrumental in designing and organising the programme for this year.  It has been a massive task but she has done it with her usual passion and determination!

We also look forward to our annual Sport Awards evening which recognises the massive part that Sport and PE play in the life of our academy.  Once again, many students have been invited to attend because of the highly valued contribution that they make to individual and team sports.

Whilst academic success is important, it is just as important that we create strong minded, independent students who have the character, resilience and determination to be successful in the real world.  We continue to look at all aspects of our curriculum and extra-curricular offer to make sure we are offering something for everyone and being the best version of Sprowston Community Academy that we can be.

Have a great half term.

Liz Wood

Welcome to the Summer Term.  This is an important term for many reasons.  A particular mention must go to all students sitting exams this term.  Please know that we are thinking of you and you have our total support- let us know if there is anything you need or anything at all that we can do to help in these last stages.

It is also a time of transition.  We are so looking forward to meeting the 280 students joining us in Y7 next year.  We are delighted to be full in this year group and can't wait to prove to you why you have made a great choice in coming to Sprowston Community Academy.  At the same time, we are preparing our Y9 students to become GCSE students and our Y11/Y13 students to take their next steps to adulthood.

We are really proud of our Academy and the all the people in it- our fantastic students, teaching staff and support staff.  It is a real team effort and we are looking forward to this final term of 2018/19.  We set ourselves the target of being the best version of Sprowston that we could possibly be and we are determined to end the year on a high.

Liz Wood

This has been a very positive term for us.  Earlier this half-term we had a 2 day external review and here are some of the things that were written about our Academy:

  • Students behaviour around the academy and in lessons is typically good and their conduct is often outstanding
  • Strong relationships exist between students and between students and adults throughout the academy.  As a result, students are comfortable with one another and in talking to staff
  • Students make a good contribution to the school and realise the importance of good behaviour in lessons to facilitate teaching and learning for all
  • There is a positive ethos for learning in classrooms
  • Teachers have Good subject knowledge
  • Teachers are providing effective after-school interventions across a wide range of subjects to improve students learning and raise achievement
  • Staff morale is high and they share a strong commitment for improvement
  • Bullying is rare and resolved effectively. There is a strong anti-discriminatory culture reflected in students’ appreciation and celebration of diversity and low incidents of racist or homophobic bullying

Being the best version of Sprowston that we can be.  

Liz Wood

I am pleased to inform you that, after a formal interview process last week, I have been appointed permanent Head of Academy at Sprowston Community Academy with immediate effect.

I could not be more proud of our Academy and our students and staff.  We have already achieved a significant amount of work strengthening the culture and ethos of the Academy and we now have firm foundations from which to build further success.  

I would like to thank everyone for their on-going support.  We look forward to working with all of our stakeholders including our local Cluster schools, students and parents to be the best version of Sprowston Community Academy that we can possibly be and to contributing to development and improvements across the whole of our Trust.

Liz Wood

It doesn't seem that long ago that we were talking about the "fireworks to daffodils" dark days ahead with a certain amount of trepidation.  Well, the sun is shining and I've spotted some daffodils so I think we can almost say we made it!

As we head into Spring, it's a great opportunity to reaffirm what matters to us and to think of the new projects on the horizon.  Our 3 main aims remain strong:

(1) To build a culture in our Academy that is positive, purposeful and fuels student progress through praise, reward and celebration. 

(2) To make sure we give our students as many opportunities as possible to gain, organise and learn knowledge so that they can do as well as possible in exams and can make sense of the world we live in

(3) To focus on the well-being of our students and staff and to look after each other, building an Academy that is kind and inclusive

This term we will also be drawing together our plans to re-launch homework so that we have a more consistent approach to promoting independent learning. At the same time we will be looking at how we record Attitude to Learning scores and whether we can make this more effective.

A special heads up must go to all of our Y11 and Y13 students.  This is a massively important half term as you prepare for exams in the summer.  Please remember that is it is OK to ask for help, we are all behind you and we will do whatever we can to support you through this last lap!

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