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Key Stage 4 2017/18

Progress 8 score = -0.23
Attainment 8 score = 46.4
Percentage of pupils who got a good pass in English and maths = 35%
Percentage of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate = 18%
English Baccalaureate average points score = 3.93

For the full set of results visit the SCHS Secondary results page

Key Stage 5 2017/18

For the results visit the SCHS 16 to 18 results page

Performance tables

Sprowston Coummunity High School perfomance tables



Behaviour policy

Our behaviour policy can be found on the policies page.

Pupil premium


how much pupil premium funding you received for this academic year
details of the main barriers to educational achievement that the disadvantaged children in your school face
how you will spend your pupil premium funding to overcome these barriers and the reasons for the approach you’ve chosen
how you will measure the effect of the pupil premium
the date of the next pupil premium strategy review


how you spent your pupil premium funding
the effect that the pupil premium had on pupils

Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

Year 7 Catch Up Funding Report 2017-18

Special educational needs (SEN) information report

Special educational needs (SEN) Information Report

Careers programme information

Awaiting information

Equality objectives


Complaints policy



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