The Drama area is found in the ground floor of the WG Block. Drama forms part of the core curriculum at KS3 and is an optional subject at KS4, with mixed ability groups used in all year groups. Students can elect to study Drama as post-16 courses.

What will the students learn in Drama?

Students explore the nature of the subject, its key skills and processes, through practical activities related to a variety of stimulus material, devising their own performances and learning how to work collaboratively as well as refine their own techniques. Students will will improvise, devise, rehearse and perform to your class and occasionally to an invited audience.

Drama KS3 Curriculum Map

What is GCSE Drama like?

The department follows the Edexcel GCSE course (1DR0).
The skills you develop will fall broadly into 3 key areas: dramatic, personal and employment. Firstly, you will develop a deeper understanding of what makes a piece of drama effective, memorable or emotive – you will do this through enhancing your improvisation and acting skills as well as gaining insight into technical aspects of drama such as lighting and sound. Secondly, GCSE Drama gives you an opportunity to develop your confidence, improving your communication skills and work co-operatively with a range of people. Finally, GCSE Drama can develop a whole range of employment linked skills such as creative thinking, presentation skills, the ability to adapt ideas quickly, creating an end product to meet specific task requirements as well as working as a member of a team. You will also develop your time management skills

Drama KS4 Curriculum Map

How are the students assessed at GCSE?

Component 1: Devising 40%
Devising a piece of Drama with a portfolio explaining decisions

Component 2: Performance from a text 20%
Creating a performance based on 2 key extracts from a play

Component 3: Theatre makers in practice 40%
Written exam commenting on practical work in class, and an evaluation of live theatre

Drama Grade Descriptors

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