The Media Studies rooms are is found in the CM Block. Media Studies is one of the optional subjects at KS4, with mixed ability groups used in all year groups. Students can elect to study Media Studies as post-16 courses.

What will the students learn in Media Studies?

Media Studies is central to understanding the way we experience our increasingly visual & digital world; as a result it is ever more important that students can understand how media, in all its forms, affects their lives, behaviour and attitudes. Furthermore their own role in society is changing as new technologies enable audience members to become producers as well consumers. 

What is GCSE Media Studies like?

This rigorous course combines theory with practical work in a fun, challenging way that makes learning enjoyable. We use practical exercises to help prepare for the exam at the end. Students study Television, Film, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Print Advertising, Video Games, Music Videos, Online and Social Media. 

How are students assessed at GCSE?

30% of the GCSE and is controlled assessment
Creating Media: devise, plan and produce ONE individual media production from a set brief. It must be a product for Television, Film, Print or Online productions (Website).

There are 2 external exams - combined worth 70% of the GCSE 

Exam 1: Textual Analysis: We study a number of different television CRIME SERIES broadcast on BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, ITV1, ITV4, C4, C5 or 5USA and we use them to explore audience, production methods and why we all enjoy them so much. In the exam students will watch a clip four times whilst making notes before answering questions in the form of short essays. In preparation we will create extracts of the genre to help you to understand how they are made and why they are successful.

Exam 2: Exploring Media: Based in Media theory we will also complete practical tasks to develop your understanding of how different Media productions use Representation, The language of Film, Print Advertising and Marketing, Online, Social and Participatory Media. Also how Media Industries make things to appeal to a targeted audience.  

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