The Music classrooms and practice rooms are found in the ground floor of the EI Block. Music forms part of the core curriculum at KS3 and is an optional subject at KS4, with mixed ability groups used in all year groups. Students can elect to study Music as post-16 courses.

What will students learn in Music?

Music is designed for the motivated, creative and those that enjoy studying music in all its forms. Students will develop their performing and composing skills as well as fine-tuning their ability to analyse and appreciate music of all styles. 

Music KS3 Curriculum Map

What is GCSE Music like?

The WJEC GCSE Music course (6018131X) aims to -

  • To improve students solo and ensemble (group) performing skills.  
  • To be able to compose music in a variety of styles from classical to pop and world music. Know how to develop your musical ideas and use structure appropriately. 
  • Learn to use industry standard software to help create and record compositions. 
  • To learn to appreciate music through analysis and appraisal. 
  • Students will improve their skills further in reading basic music notation. 

Music KS4 Curriculum Map

How are the students assessed at GCSE?

The performing and composing sections of the assessment are coursework which make up 60% of the final mark while the appraising is in an exam format for the remaining 40%.

Performing (30%) Perform two pieces, one solo (15%) and one group (15%) with a combined duration of between 4-6 minutes. There will be plenty of opportunities during the course to record your best pieces

Composing (30%) Compose two pieces, one to a set brief and on as a free composition, with a combined duration of at least 3 minutes. Preparation time and 10 hours of writing up time in class for each composition. 

Appraising (40%) Learn about Musical elements, musical contexts and musical language.
Areas of study: Instrumental music 1700-1820, vocal music , music for stage and screen, fusions.
Written examination: 1 hour and 45 minutes at the end of the course (80 marks). This includes: dictation and unfamiliar pieces. and and extended response comparison between a set work and on unfamiliar piece.

Music Grade Descriptors

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