Artist: Victoria S. This is Victoria's development work for her mock exam outome.

A wonderful blend of alternative very old photography techniques, like cyanotypes and photograms, with digital manipulation.

Science meets art and old technology meets new. Stunning work

Photography students demonstrate real skill and creativity

More stunning work in development during the Photography exam.

Landscapes by Beth Self and Movement & Emotion by Heidi Cooke.

We have such amazingly talented artists in this school

In Art year 7 students are working collaboratively on a group outcome.

Each team has designed an original dragon devised from looking at Dragons in other cultures and Art genres, they are doing brilliantly.

We are so proud of how well they are working together.

Keep an eye above - they will appear around school soon.

Year 11 GCSE Mock Photography students and their work.

A few more examples of the excellent work produced during their GCSE Mock held before Christmas - what a wonderful group of students the GCSE Photography students are.

The Creative Arts Faculty are offering a variety of out of school hours sessions in Art, Media and Photography. How to sign up and attend are detailed on the sheet.

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