The Design Technology classrooms are found at the front of the school in the JB Block. Design Technology is studied by all students during KS3 using a carousel system, rotating around Graphics, Resistant Materials, Textiles and Food and Catering topics. Those subjects are then optional at KS4 for all students, along with GCSE Engineering, with mixed ability grouping used in all year groups. Students can then elect to study these subjects as a post-16 course.

What will the students learn in Design Technology?

All lesson look to develop creative, innovative and confident students through the technology areas. Schemes of work across the key stages give students a broad and exciting curriculum encompassing core design skills, encouraging risk taking and developing subject specific expertise.

How are the students assessed at KS4?

Students have 3 core areas that they are assessed in for the Level 1/2 Technical Awards in Fashion and Textiles, Food and Catering, Materials Technology, and Visual Communication. These include a Skills Demonstration Unit (30% internal assessment, an Extended Making Project Unit (30% internal assessment) and a Fundamentals Exam (40% externally assessed exam).
The GCSE Engineering qualification includes a formal written exam at the end of the course worth 60% and a ‘design and make’ internal unit worth 40%.

What are Level 1/2 Technical Awards like? (AQA Exam Board)

Level 1/2 Technical Award subjects are ideally suited to learners with a preference for practical, rather than theoretical learning, and all have a focus on creativity. These qualifications fulfil entry requirements for academic and vocational study post-16, and will count as equivalent to one GCSE.

The Level 1/2 Technical Awards provide learners a whole host of easily transferable skills. They include developing a wide range of practical making skills linked to the chosen course. Students will also develop an understanding of commercial processes. Additionally learners will gain transferable skills such as communication and teamwork that will benefit them in the workplace

What is GCSE Engineering like? (OCR Exam Board)

This course is intended as an introduction to Engineering, and allows students to develop skills and understanding which will be of use both generally and as part of a progressive career path leading to further technical or academic engineering qualifications. It is a course for students of a more technical nature who enjoy exploring the material world around them. Additionally, it is for students who wish to study how things work, not just what they look like. There are strong links with ICT, Physics, Business Studies and Maths. Students will require at least a grade 4 in maths at the end of Year 9.

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