We would like to share some important information regarding the support offered to the Year 11 students following Tuesday’s assembly (PDF below), as well as an outline of the revision and preparation for each subject; designed to maximise individual success.

Firstly, with this article please find a PDF outline of the GCSE revision sessions taking place at lunchtimes and after school (3.30-4.30pm). The programme runs from January through to the May half term.  These sessions are to support the revision and preparation that the Year 11 students will be completing at home.  Some pupils will be specifically advised to attend certain sessions based on their tracking data and Mock exam results. It is crucial that they attend these, as subject teachers will have specifically highlighted areas to work on and improve, prior to the final exams.

Any alterations to this programme will be shared with students, but we wanted to offer a long term overview that allows for planning and avoids numerous clashes between subjects.

Secondly, in order to encourage students to attend the specialist revision sessions, as well as rewarding  the effort and time spent at home revising, we will be collating ‘points’ earnt during this period of time; with those pupils earning the most, receiving a free leavers book.

Points can be earned by –

  • Attending an after school revision session from the programme – 1 point
  • Completing 1 hour of revision at home and recording this on the Revision Record sheet within students journals (this will require a parent/guardian signature) – 1/2 point
  • Offering time and support for any fundraising events linked to the prom – 1/2 point

We will also be looking at the points collated by pupils linked to the Leavers Prom at the end of the academic year.  For pupils to be given an automatic invitation to the Prom, we are setting 25 points as a minimum total. If pupils achieve 25 points and their behaviour/attendance is at a sufficient level, then an automatic invitation will be offered. If any of these areas are not up to expectations then we will need to have discussions with individual students. This approach is to offer an incentive to giving the final 14 weeks leading up to the exams a really concerted effort and push in order for pupils to achieve their best. As a school we have always seen the Prom to be a fitting culmination and reward to the end of Year 11, where students can feel proud of their efforts, attendance and behaviour.

Also, a ‘Revision record’ will be stuck into the student’s journals. We are asking for pupils to record the revision they complete at home and for you to monitor and verify this with your signature, every week. This links to the ‘points’ earned  as well as preparing for the exams with an approach of ‘little and often’.

We also have Year 11 parents evening this week on Thursday 17th January when you will be able to discuss mock results and general progress with subject teachers in detail.

Finally, the school continues to have revision guides available for English, Maths and Science.  If students haven’t got these but would be interested, then pupils should speak to the relevant Head of Faculty or Miss Stearman on student reception.

We appreciate your support with all of this, at what will become a very busy and understandably stressful time.


Ben Utting

Assistant Headteacher

Download this file (Revision Timetable 2019.pdf)Revision Timetable 2019.pdf

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