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We had a very productive and popular first Geography revision session after school yesterday on Tropical Rainforests.

Here are some ideas for the coming week about how Geography students can revise this topic.

  1. Knowledge Organisers are a one sheet of paper starting point for each topic. All Year 11’s have this and a copy has been loaded onto Doddle.

    geog revision 2

    It is a good idea to read this a few times. Students could make notes or create a mind map. Students could even read this into their phone and record it which can be listened to on a paper round or walk to school.
  1. The CGP Revision Book has an excellent section on Tropical Rainforests which can be found on pages 30-36.

    geog revision 3
  1. Each week GCSE Geography students are being issued with a 360 Revision Booklet for homework. These are really useful at revising the content but also practising the exam technique at the same time (a great time saver!).

    geog revision 4

Understanding command words is crucial and will benefit all of the other subjects. There are model answers and lots of structured advice for students to help them. These are not a test from knowledge! Students should use the Knowledge organisers and revision books whilst completing the answers.

  1. Each week there are a few short mini quizzes that are uploaded to Doddle based on the revision theme for the week. The Tropical Rainforests ones are there now. These will change each week to match the revision theme.
  1. Don’t forget that BBC Bitesize and YouTube clips can be useful for short clips which can complement all other revision - although please be careful not to rely on these too much. Students should ensure they are specific to the AQA specification.
  1. Next week’s revision theme will be cold environments. A revision class for this will take place on Thursday 31th January in both WS02 and WS27.

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