Coronavirus update for students who are self-isolating

If any student is currently self-isolating as per Government advice, and are feeling well enough to complete some work we would recommend using the following –

  • Visit the Student Intranet via the school website. This area offers Knowledge Organisers for all subjects.
  • Doddle - – all students have access to Doddle and the range of class resources for every subject. This is also where homework yet to be completed can be found.

Parents are encouraged to visit the parent section of the Doddle Learn platform here where they will be able to assist in directing students to the work set by our staff.

  • Revision guides – for GCSE and A level students, many subjects have already provided or made these available to purchase and students should use these to revise topics covered so far this year.
  • My Maths – for Maths this is an area commonly used and provides resources to complete and/or revise with.
  • Seneca learning is a free resource that students can use to review topics covered.
  • School website – under the Learning section of the site, then Subjects you can find curriculum maps for each subject so that you are aware of previous content and topics covered. This will then support any home learning that can be completed.
  • Additionally students will be able to access our student intranet and may find that work set by staff on Doddle Learn will direct them to a range of resources there.

If you do not have internet facilities or access to electronic devices (laptops, tablets etc) then please contact the school so alternative arrangements can be prepared in advance. For Year 11 students a separate email has been sent home with more specific advice.