The options process is complete (well nearly…) and you did very well. There was a lot of information given, a whole load of assemblies and even more paperwork! I hope you are all pleased with the choices you made and excited about the journey ahead.

A couple of reminders from me in terms of priorities this term…..

Homework: it’s important! Do it! Ask for help if you need it and never fail to so speak to your teacher if you are finding it too difficult. As we move towards key stage 4 there really is no good reason for not completing homework, so there can be no excuses anymore. It’s important! Do it!

Motivation and Effort: all subjects at key stage 3 are important; we offer a wide curriculum for a reason. You must keep focussed and try hard in all lessons; this tells us a lot about you and your attitude in school.

SMSC: this is what we spoke about in assembly. It’s the SPIRITUAL, MORAL, SOCIAL, and CULTURAL parts of our everyday life. We have our form books that we need to pay attention to and try to develop as much as we can this term. This is our focus for the next 2 weeks remember – make sure you get your bit done!

Thank you for a great start Year 9. I have seen a definite shift in attitude, a growth in maturity and a sense of ‘we are nearly in our GCSE years’ over the last couple of weeks! Continue to make yourself and us proud and ask us for help if you need it – that’s why we are here!

Miss Sully

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ChatHealth is a confidential Health line available to young people across Norfolk. Anyone between the ages of 11-19 can text the ChatHealth line to receive confidential and professional health advice.

ChatHealth offers support on a wide range of health related issues including relationships, healthy eating, smoking, bullying and coping with exam stress.

The ChatHealth text number is 07480 635060

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